Precast Concrete Frame

O’Reilly Concrete carried out the structural design of a precast concrete 3 storey framed school building, including the manufacture, supply and fit of the precast elements as part of the Kinsale Community School extension works. The  overall project will create a 1000 pupil school. Precast elements included beams, columns, stairs, stability walls and ancillary steelwork.

The scheduled programme of works was to be completed in 18 months, which included extensive site works and ancillary buildings. By choosing a precast design, and mitigating the 28 day curing period for cast insitu concrete and extensive shuttering, the most efficient use of onsite construction time was utilised with the erection of the entire precast frame completed in under 30 days. Once the precast frame was complete to 1st floor level with floor slabs and screeds installed, following trades were immediately able to begin their works, such as blockwork, mechanical and electrical works. This further utilised time management on site.

Apart from benefits to programme, the quality of finish and manufacture also added to the success of the project with all of the precast elements manufactured in a factory quality controlled environment, ensuring the best possible finishes and consistency throughout with no blemishes or discolouration to exposed concrete faces.


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