Wideslab Flooring


Precast pre-stressed solid floor slabs or wideslabs are manufactured using an innovative casting system ensuring a truly smooth soffit finish.

Wideslab floors, supported on masonry or steel structures can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Solid wideslab is often referred to as “plate flooring” and is generally used in residential developments. Wideslab flooring contains an internal strand which facilitates notching and the forming of openings.

All floors consist of a solid prestressed slab acting as fully participating formwork which may be propped or unpropped depending on design requirements and which act compositely with an in situ topping to form an efficient structural section. When grouted, the shear key between adjacent wideslabs ensures that the individual slabs behave similarly to a monolithic slab


  • Modular width of 2400 reduces the number of joints and erection time.
  • Reduced construction depth
  • Elimination of site shuttering
  • Flexibility in design
  • Reduced number of joints
  • Minimal propping
  • Excellent fire resistance
  • A lattice girder can be used, which increases the spanning capabilities of the unit and robustness of the flooring system.
  • Can be designed to span either horizontally or vertically as a retaining wall panel

Technical data and slab properties

Wideslab and Plate Prestressed Flooring